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DTSS Inspection

Lian Shing started its Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) inspection project in 2013. We collaborated with our Canadian partner to develop and build customised equipment – TWIP & ABIS – for DTSS inspection in Singapore. The first successful inspection using the custom-built equipment was conducted in 2015.

Since then, under multiple contracts, Lian Shing had inspected an approximate length of 6 to 8 km of DTSS tunnels for projects such as widening of canals, MRT line construction, Laying of pipeline, Expressway construction etc.

We are the only contractor who has completed DTSS inspection and received approval from Public Utilities Board (PUB)  for our inspection reports.

Equipment & Technology

  • High resolution camera for documenting details of liner anomalies
  • Laser scanner for above-water profiling
  • High speed sonar for under-water profiling


  • Inspection of Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) with pipe or tunnel diameters ranging from 3.6 meters to 6 meters


  • Multi-Array, multi-sensory inspection, providing above and below water profiling and imagery data of large tunnel and conduit
  • The equipment can be mounted on wheels or floating system to survey the tunnels during dry or wet conditions

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