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Dubre Nozzles

Dubre Nozzles offers the finest collection of nozzles with different water beam configurations for a variety of applications like pre-CCTV cleaning and removal of roots, mineral deposits, hard grease and other blockages. The nozzles are hydrodynamically optimised and created with the finest materials so as to prevent pressure loss and sustain a powerful water jet.

With more than 25 years in the water tools industry, Dubre provides an all-in-one solution for pipe and sewer cleaning through its product series like Extra Jets or D-Roto-Jets, a collection of rotating nozzles; Blue Transformer, Spider Chain Scraper and special nozzles and accessories.


  • Cleaning before channel CCTV Inspection – rinsing pipelines and their cross connections
  • Flushing large amounts of soft roots and loose material, as well as lime and concrete sludge deposits
  • Professional removal of hard roots, deposits like minerals, hard greases, concrete and grout wash
  • Cleaning of house connections from the inside to the outside
  • Rinse pipes during hydraulic pipe transport or to remove ice in shafts
  • Cleaning vertical pipes of clogging and grease
  • Nozzles for cleaning pipes ranging from 75mm diameter to 1200mm diameter and different pressure requirements


  • Hydrodynamically optimized high performance nozzles
  • Powerful water jet, highest possible efficiency
  • Adjustable rotation speed and water pressure
  • No unwanted pressure loss, irrespective of water quality
  • Enormous savings in fuel consumption, water and time
  • Pressure and flow repeatability to narrow specification
  • Modular and expandable to solve almost any requirement
  • No maintenance

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