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Holding Tank Cleaning

Holding Tanks are usually used as detention tanks to store storm water or sewerage water and then discharge it at controlled rates to the downstream drainage system or public sewers. This includes rainwater detention tanks, dry & wet wells at pump stations, septic tanks etc. 

Huge holding tanks are also used at water treatment plants and water reclamation plants for sludge settlement. Holding tanks for storm water and sewerage water is usually located underground – this could be a pit or a deep underground chamber – and sludge holding tanks are located above ground for facilitating the removal of sludge for disposal.

Lian Shing has 25+ years of experience in over ground and underground holding tank cleaning.  Our holding tank cleaning team consists of fully trained manpower certified for working in confined space and safety personnel trained in confined space assessment. They are trained in cleaning holding tanks ranging from 10m to 30m in depth.

Equipment & Technology

Lian Shing uses a combination of Vacuum Tankers, Pumps and other specialist equipment for holding tank cleaning.


Removal and disposal of silt, sand, debris and accumulated sewage from holding tanks.

Lian Shing provides cleaning services for various types of holding tanks:

  • Detention tanks for storm water or rain water
  • Wet wells or holding tanks at pump stations
  • Septic tanks at various private and public facilities
  • Sludge holding tanks at treatment plants – sludge settling tanks, consolidation tanks etc.
  • Intake chambers, dissolved air flotation tanks, aeration tanks, and clear water tanks at water treatment plants & desalination plants
  • Holding tanks at reservoirs, tidal gates etc.
  • Temporary sewage holding tanks at construction sites and event locations


  • NEA Licenced Contractor “Class-C”
  • Removal and proper disposal of sewage and sludge at NEA approved facilities
  • More than 25 years of experience in cleaning various types of holding tanks at private and public facilities

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