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Maintaining Water Bodies

Singapore hosts a good number of rivers, canals, water catchments and ponds across the island. However, keeping them clean by controlling the growth of aquatic plants and floating debris is a routine job for the respective agencies.

For small waterbodies, accumulation of organic debris like leaves, fish waste, decaying plants and dead algae can harm the living things in the pond including beneficial bacteria. The decomposition process of this accumulated debris will significantly reduce oxygen levels in the water and can cause unpleasant odours in the pond.

Lian Shing has gained considerable experience in cleaning and desilting ponds and moats.  Over time, we have learned and implemented effective ways of cleaning and desludging small waterbodies without affecting the aquatic life and environment in and around these waterbodies.

For rivers, canals and catchments, Lian Shing provides boats, aquatic weed harvesting machines like weed catchers and weed trimmers to control overgrowth of aquatic plants We also provide equipment and trained manpower to clean floating debris from rivers and canals.

Equipment & Technology

  • Lian Shing has a fleet of Vacuum Tankers of capacities ranging from 1 cu. m. to 15 cu. m. for sludge removal
  • Aluminium and fibreglass boats for cleaning floating debris from canals, lakes and reservoirs
  • Weed catchers and weed trimmers for harvesting aquatic plants
  • Dredgers for removing silt and debris from the bottom of waterbodies


  • Remove and dispose accumulated organic sludge from waterbodies
  • Remove floating debris from canals and rivers
  • Control overgrowth of aquatic plants
  • Remove silt and debris from the bottom of lakes and rivers`


  • NEA Licenced Contractor “Class- A & C”
  • More than 20 years of experience in maintaining various types of water bodies including ponds, moats, reservoirs, lakes, catchments, rivers etc.
  • Removal and proper disposal of waste at NEA approved facilities

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