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MTA Pipe Inspector

MTA Pipe-Inspector allows the cable-less and complete optical and acoustic inspection of transport pipelines without interrupting operation. In contrast to wired video inspection systems, this procedure operates wirelessly, so that the continuous inspection of long sections up to 50km length is possible.

MTA Pipe-Inspector overcomes 90° bends and is used in pipelines from DN 100 to DN 3000 regardless of the material. MTA Pipe-Inspector is applicable in hard-to-reach pipelines such as airports, highways, industrial or other access sensitive areas.

With a pressure resistance of up to 100bar, MTA Pipe-Inspector can be even used for the inspection of hydropower pipelines e.g. for commissioning inspections.


  • Optical examination of pipeline interior – provides video in HD-quality
  • Sound recording for detection of smallest leakages with pinpoint accuracy down to 10l/h at 5bar operating pressure
  • Pressure recording along the entire pipe length, temperature measurement, length measurement including meter display


  • High daily output – easy deployment and faster inspections
  • Environment-friendly operations
  • Low staff expenses due to absence of tether and other accessories
  • No pre-cleaning required

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