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Pipeline Profiling

Lian Shing provides pipeline profiling services to measure and identify deformation inside sewer pipes like reduction of cross-section, ovality, pipe capacity, minimum/maximum, diameter, drainage obstacles, unevenness etc.

Pipeline profiling is done using Laser or Sonar technology or multi-sensor profiling using both Laser & Sonar at the same time.

The laser profiler projects a laser ring onto the pipe wall which is recorded by a camera. The software uses the data collected to create a 2D or 3D model of the pipe geometry. The laser profiler works well with dry pipelines. For surcharged, submerged or semi-submerged pipelines, sonar profiling is an effective alternative. It provides pipeline data below the waterline like deformities on pipe wall, level of debris and sediments.

The data models derived from profiling can be used for decision making on cleaning, rehabilitation or rectification of defects in the sewer pipeline.

Equipment & Technology

  • Laser pipeline profiler
  • Sonar profiler
  • Floating Multi-sensor profilers


  • Assessment of deformation inside sewer pipelines
  • Pre-maintenance assessment – before cleaning, desilting etc.


  • Non-destructive testing method
  • Provides accurate data for rehabilitation planning
  • Multi-sensor profiling can be performed on live sewer lines without obstructing the flow

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