Our Services

CCTV survey of sewer lines from 100mm to 3000mm for pre & post construction, end of DLP &  sewer line condition assessment.  

Multi-sensory inspection, provides above and below water profiling and imagery data of large tunnel and conduit.

Remove silt, sand, debris and vegetation from stormwater drains and moss and algae from the surface of the drain.

Iidentify deformation inside sewer pipes like reduction of cross-section, ovality, pipe capacity, unevenness etc.

Remove accumulated debris, grease, sand and silt, tree roots and construction debris inside the pipe and manholes.

Rehabilitate 2″ to 24″ diameter pipelines utilizing a “local” sectional repair system instead of lining the whole pipeline

Remove accumulated organic sludge, floating debris from canals and rivers, control overgrowth of aquatic plants.

Our quick response teams run operations 24 x 7 for emergency services like choke clearing, tankering etc.

Remove and dispose accumulated fat, oil and grease from grease traps. Collection of waste for events and construction sites. 

Siphoning of sludge and removal and disposal of silt, sand, debris and accumulated sewage from holding tanks.

Water tightness test for sanitary sewer system also detect leaks in operational water mains and raw water pipes.