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Sewer Maintenance

Periodic cleaning of sewer lines goes a long way in upkeeping public health, reducing hygiene related diseases and in maintaining a pleasant environment by keeping foul odours and insects at bay.

A block or choke inside the sewer pipe can lead to flooding of sewer lines and sewage water overflowing from manholes on to roads, private properties or waterbodies especially during the rainy season.

When blockages or chokes are detected inside sewer pipes and manholes, appropriate cleaning methods are used to clear the blockages to enable free flow of sewage water through the pipes thus eliminating flooding of sewer lines.

To clear a blocked pipe, Lian Shing has the appropriate sewer maintenance equipment and tools like high-pressure water jetting machines, different types of nozzles and electro-mechanical cutting tools to be used as per the nature of the choke.

Sewer lines come under two categories – small to big diameter public sewers and sewer & waste water lines at private facilities, factories and food courts. Lian Shing provides cleaning services for both public and private waste water lines.

Equipment & Technology

  • Sewer Rodding (using Rodding Tools): Sewer Rodding is a mechanical or manual cleaning method adopted to clear choked sewer pipes manually using a set of special tools like augurs and cutters which are inserted into the sewer pipe and turned using sewer rods.
  • Flushing or High-pressure jetting: This is a traditional method using high pressure water jets to clean chokes, greasy matter, sand, silt and debris inside sewer pipes. During flushing, silt traps are used to collect and remove the sand and debris from the downstream manholes.
  • Electro-Mechanical Cleaning: Where the blockage inside the sewer pipe is caused due to cement concrete or intruding tree roots, we have a special set of nozzles and cleaning heads to remove mild to hard deposits without damaging the pipes.


  • Removing accumulated debris, grease, sand and silt inside the pipe and manholes
  • Removing Intruding tree roots, stones, concrete and construction debris from manholes and pipes


  • Non-destructive cleaning method for clearing chokes, without damaging the pipes
  • Long distance cleaning in one deployment
  • Avoid unwanted incidents like flooding and manhole bursts

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